“Singing from the Heart”
Choir and Schola

“Dedicated to the propagation and
performance of sacred music.”



Who We Are: Cantantes in Cordibus, Inc. is a
not– for-profit organization registered in the State of New
Jersey and governed by a board of trustees with financial and
fiduciary oversight responsibility. The musical component of
the organization is chiefly made up of volunteers from the
local metropolitan area who lend their many talents to help us
accomplish the organization’s mission...

What We Do: We sing an extensive repertoire that
embraces Gregorian chant, Renaissance polyphony, as well
as works by great Romantic and contemporary composers.
Please visit and listen to some
of the musical selections on the site and call us. We will be
happy to assist you with any liturgical musical requirements.
-Nuptial Masses
-Requiem Masses
-First Masses after Ordination
-Special feasts and liturgical celebrations

Cantantes in Cordibus, Inc. also features a Schola of men
who chant the ancient Gregorian chant during the celebration
of liturgical functions. The Schola and Choir have performed
at many events in New Jersey and New York City. Some
members travel to the Hudson Valley where they perform
every month. The choir performs every Sunday at St. Anthony
of Padua Church in historic downtown Jersey City, and at
other times, where it provides musical and choral
accompaniment during the celebration of various liturgical
functions and in particular the Mass in the “usus antiquior”or
the Traditional Latin Mass.

Fund Raising
Like most non-profits we exist and accomplish our mission
through the generosity of donors. Raising the necessary
financial support is of critical importance if we are to continue
meeting our obligations. Please consider becoming a Donor
Member by contacting us at the address below.

Contact Us
Cantantes in Cordibus, Inc.
329 Pacific Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07304

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